Choose groups and watched categories on signup

I know there can be custom user fields, but is there any way of sorting out group requests and category watching from the signup form?

(Either the normal Discourse signup form, or using a plugin, or separately using the API?)



I guess there might be two possibilities.

  1. A Discourse plugin that changes the sign up process.

  2. A separate script that uses the Discourse API to sign up and simultaneously make a group request and/or watch certain categories.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible using the standard settings.

Am I on the right track? Thanks.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “sorting out” but this might be the droid you’re looking for :grin:
even if sign-up is not in the Available triggers list… but I guess maybe sign-up is also user added to group TL0 ?


I believe this plugin will work.


The Custom Wizard Plugin looks promising. I’ll have time to try it out next month!

It looks like a wizard could be triggered straight after the user signs up, allowing notification levels to be set per category.

The plugin also allows a user to be added to a group. I’m not entirely sure how Discourse groups work, or how the plugin works with a private group (not publicly visible and/or users can’t join freely) - maybe it sends a group request. Alterernatively, the plugin allows a private message to be sent, so I could use this as a group request.

I’ll look at Discourse Automation too.

Thanks to both of you.


Your welcome. If you figure out a template for first time set Up for users to pick categories let me know haven’t had much time to dig deep.

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I think it is now (at least, “first logged on” is close enough):

Would the Automation plugin be able to set watch status per category based on custom fields too?

I don’t believe this is currently possible using Automation. However, I think we do have a new API endpoint that can now allow an admin to set a user’s notification level, which may be of some use:

(Though if they’re added to a group automatically, you can also set the group default notifications for categories and tags and set them that way?)

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