Citation and cross-references

In a post:

I quoted a message from the post: (see history)

In the post I’m quoting, a link appeared.
In the original post, I removed the citation, but the link remained.

Did you hard refresh the page in your browser?

Yes. This link is still there.


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Should we assign this @sam? Does feel like a bug.

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I want to get this sorted, can you make an example of the issue in this very topic.

We reset try, so you example is no longer around.


Let’s try. I quote you.

Next, I remove the quote.

I am not seeing a repro :frowning:

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Again. Apparently need to wait until it goes down in history. 5min

[quote="sam, post:6, topic:101193, full:true"]
I wonder if there is some entry we can add to our `package.json` that would force `npm install` to explode with a “sorry, npm is not supported use yarn”

Ultra low priority though.


Hm Strange. I will watch it. On another site. I’ll try to find the conditions.