How to show topic-map on non-commented posts?

Hey, for metric report purposes, I’m trying to see if there’s a setting or CSS implementation to show the topic-map for all posts (even posts that don’t have comments)?

Above is a screenshot of a post not showing any topic-map

Above is an imgur showing the topic-map once it has at least one comment

Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!

I haven’t tried these out, so I may be mistaken, but there are a few ‘summary’ options in the Admin/Other settings that may tweak what you need:


Sorry, I think I had a brainfart and conflated a couple of different things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had somebody check out the Admin Settings for me and they said they couldn’t find it. I don’t have access :cry:

There are a few workarounds in this topic (variations of ‘add a post’):

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There’s not a setting for this, it requires the topic to have at least one reply. Is there a specific reason you want it to show?


I was thinking about that as a last option type of thing. Don’t really want to add a filler comment/post for the sake of keeping things streamlined.

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Hey, @awesomerobot
Yes. I am performing weekly metric reports on posts/publications to begin analyzing traffic and engagement with certain topics/teams.

but more specifically, the view count is what you’re after? everything else would show 0:

We’ve had a couple requests for this, so maybe we should work out a mini-topic-map that shows the views in the case where there’s only a single post…


Yes, just the view count. That would help keep the high-priority metrics consistent between all posts.
It would be super awesome if you and your team takes some time to work on something. I’m sure a number of people would appreciate it =)