👏 Claps Vs Likes ❤

:clap: Claps Vs Likes :heart:

I find this feature used by Medium excelent to mesure the intensity which users react to a post.

What do U think? Is it worth to implement?

Show authors more :heart: with :clap: ’s


Seems like it could be heavily abused. I could spam a million claps on a post just to troll. It doesn’t seem to provide any sort of usable information either – there’s a big difference between 20 users clapping 5 times each and 5 users clapping 20 times each.


Maybe, we can setup limits to this feature as to avoid abuse. For example, user can do it only 20 times per day, and advanced users could do it more frequently!


:heart: shows more empathy while :clap: is more engaging. I think in a discussion empathy is more essential.

perhaps claps are good for articles or blog posts.


What about mutiple :heart::heart::heart::heart: whatever, the point is intensity!


won’t it make the UI little bit dirty? we currently use icon-heart-empty to make the page cleaner!
I guess people will like a topic, if they find it useful.


No, see the model I posted, It would be just one :heart: but instead of second click undo it would add.

Like this:

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Doesn’t the Retort plugin sort of fill this gap? Granted, I think you can only choose one emoji per user, but I bet that wouldn’t be too difficult to change in a fork of the plugin.


This is only plugin territory for the foreseeable future.

We have no idea yet if this has been a success or not for Medium, as the addition is still very new.


Look at this explanation:

To summarize: Just click the :clap: instead of the :heart:. If you feel strongly, click it more (or just hold down). The more you clap, the more positive feedback you’re providing to the author, and the more you’re letting us know the story is worth reading. (Only the author can see how many claps you gave them.) Our system will evaluate your claps on an individual basis, assessing your evaluation of a story relative to the number of claps you typically send. All this will help the stories that matter most rise to the top.

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As a user of a very active forum (community.wanikani.com)… Please no. We don’t need any more ways to “like” things. For instance, we have this thread: https://community.wanikani.com/t/badges-like-for-a-like/16372

Personally I feel a forum is superior to social media… because things like “likes” and “favourites” and so on on Facebook and Twitter etc. feel hollow to me. I much prefer people use their words - and so while most on our forum run rampant with their likes, I am incredibly stingy with mine and save them for helpful posts.

… Just my own personal opinion on the matter, from a single user on a single forum. And even if you do implement it Discourse-wide, that will still be an option that our own admin can decide to use or not use, correct?


We have no plans to implement this but we try to put most things behind a setting – everyone uses Discourse differently and that flexibility is what makes it powerful.

That said, I think it’s important not to dump likes on a forum into the same bucket as likes on social media. The purpose here is to cut down on ‘fluff’ posts that create lots of noise and add little value (e.g. 10 x ‘thanks’ in a row).


While I understand your perspective… in the practice of our community, it is exactly the same (and actually creates more fluff… see above link >.< ).

I am very glad to hear that. Nice to know that’s Discourse’s mindset. Thanks for your response!


That’s exactly the idea I proposed thanks for understanding!

So… basically this feature is the sound of one hand clapping. :grinning:

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