Clarification on Zoom permissions

Can you define who a site owner would be here? Is this a Discourse admin, the Zoom account owner?

When you say Administrators, is this Discourse Admins only? So only admins could create an event and/or add panelists? Are there any settings in the plugin to allow certain trust levels, or groups to create events, add panelists, etc?

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Good question! A better plugin description might be:

Discourse Zoom empowers Discourse administrators and users with a paid Zoom subscription to schedule, manage, and participate in Zoom webinars directly from their Discourse platform.

(What do you think @Juan_David_Martínez and @pmusaraj? :point_up::smiley:)

Both users and administrators can create webinars in Discourse. However, only those with a paid Zoom subscription for webinars can create them in Zoom. In essence, regardless of whether they are an admin or a regular user, anyone wishing to create a webinar must have a paid Zoom subscription. Currently, we don’t have the ability to restrict webinar creation by trust levels or groups.

One thing worth noting is that when a user creates a webinar, any administrator can edit, add panelists, or include the URL for the webinar recording. This is a privilege that a regular user cannot exercise for another user’s or an admin’s webinar.

We’re working to include this information in the topic itself. :slight_smile:


Sure, the updated description sounds good to me!

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