Clean up previous badge etc notifications

New user Nerdowitz is overwhelmed with “you’ve earned … Badge” notifications. Luckily he found the checkbox deep down in preferences to turn them off!

But the problem is they’re still sitting there occupying 85% of his notifications and it’s making him mad but there’s nothing he can do about it.

So in addition to that checkbox, there ought to be a cleanerer-up button right next to it. For cleaning up any of the previous ones still there.

Sure, I bet there’s some place he could dig around for that could actually do that. But the button ought to be right next door too.

Yes it’s wonderful the system has promised not to give him any more new ones. But what about the old ones still lying around? He might not want to ever see them again either.

There’s a dismiss button for the count, the actual entries will be pushed out in time. That’s true of all notifications.

Either way, it’s quite a strange thing for the user to fixate on!


Notifications are showed in the user menu popout. Is your user constantly staring at the menu?

In another topic you are complaining about the space some elements take on smaller screens, but here you want an extra button next to every notification so the user who stares at his static notifications pane, can delete them one by one?

The dismiss button does it’s job and I would be very annoyed if every notification has a small button next to it.


I’m talking about your current checkbox in preferences: have an additional checkbox next to it. So a total of two check boxes in the entire app.

Regarding the dismiss button, it looks great but users are scared that it’ll dismiss the good notifications along with the bad.

And yes they’ll eventually get pushed out but it might take days, or might take hours,.

Also, even though I recall seeing a Dismiss button before, but for some reason I don’t see one in this picture here:

Sure, me you probably want to know what version I was using. Virgin? Of what?

(Haha the word virgin was inserted by Google voice typing. I thought it was funny so I didn’t fix it.)

That’s because there are no unread notifications. No one has a blue background.

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So there is nothing we could do about certain notifications that are sitting there staring us in the face that we don’t want to look at. Except I suppose wait around till it eventually get pushed away?

That’s true. Same thing as with topics.

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