Cleanup of duplicate invites?

We have a forum in which a couple of admin users sent out lists of email invites via CSV upload. Because each user can only see the invites they personally have sent out, this has resulted in duplicate invites being sent out.

Over time we have accrued a certain amount of Invites which are duplicates, ie the user has actually become a user via a different invite, but their duplicate invites are still in the list.

Because of the slightly unusual Discourse sign-up user workflow, which already invloves several emails, when users get duplicate invites with conflicting tokens, all sorts of mayhem breaks out!


  1. some form of ‘all invites from all users’ view (admin only) would help to reduce the sending of duplicate Invites as we would be able to see who has already been invited.

  2. If a user attempts to create an Invite but that email is already in use by a registered user OR is used in an existing Invite, the new Invite should not be created and there should be a notification/alert of the reason for the failure. This should operate the same if inviting via CSV.

  3. OR it would be nice if, once an invited user had completed the sign-up process, any outstanding Invites with the same email address would be deleted automagically (would not be necessary once 2) was implemented)



This is a good point, we should handle duplicate invites better. @techapj can you add to your list?

I think when a user accepts a given invite to a particular email address, all other outstanding invites are removed (invalidated, etc as if the user deleted that invite) at the time of accept.

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