Clear cache when adding oneboxed URL to post

When inserting a link into a new topic, how can I clear the cache when the target page has been updated?

I inserted a URL and noticed that the title of the page was incorrect. I fixed that on the page itself, but when I insert the URL again I am always getting the older title. Obviously this is cached somewhere but I am not sure where. I’ve done all the obvious stuff (cleared cache, incognito session, logged out/in, etc) but still pull in the older title.

I am wondering if this is analogous to when inserted into Facebook posts, where the same behavior exists (but I can easily fix with the Facebook debugger page, to refresh Facebook’s view of the link at the back end). Is there a similar option Discourse?

Thank you.

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Onebox happens all server side so

won’t help you.

One easy way to bypass cache is to add a query parameter to the URL, like appending ?v=2 to end of it.


Yeah, I figured. I was hoping there was some utility/feature like the Facebook thing I mentioned but thanks for confirming.

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