Mini Onebox Titles do not update on Rebuild HTML due to 24 hour cache

A html crosslink will reduce to a title. If the title changes on the post being linked too, how do I make it so the link is renamed with the new title?


Sorry can you post an example here?

He means when one topic links to another, the target topic shows the reciprocal link underneath the post, but what if the topic title changes?

The title is calculated live when you pull the page so it is always up to date.


So, take a look at this; How to replace Let's Encrypt RSA 4096 bits with ECC 256 bits?

which is this URL…

What happens if the title of that thread changes? How do I have it update the link? It is cached so it doesn’t change, it seems.

It does not matter, try

I think he means embedded inline onebox (same issue for full onebox), if the title changes you can rebake the post to fix, which is available in the admin wrench on the post under Rebuild HTML


That does not update the title though =/

OK I have a repro: Mini Onebox Titles do not update on Rebuild HTML due to 24 hour cache <—

That title should have been updated but it was not when I clicked Rebuild HTML. There is some internal caching that needs to be bypassed on rebuild HTML that is not.

Note if you wait 24 hours I think you will be able to rebuild, a simple workaround is adding ?1 to the end of the link.

We will get this fixed @vinothkannans can you add to your list.

before (but after a rebake HTML)


It is fixed. The above ^^ title is now updated with “Rebuild HTML”.