Clickable Social Icon Links on Profile

hi just added twitch now. i should find a way to make adding new icons more generalizable such that they don’t require code changes - im a bit pressed on time to make this general change but open to PRs!
Github Issue for Generalizing Adding New Socials

I’m seeing this too - but am not able to quickly pinpoint exactly what is wrong. I’m using on a 2.7 install and although i see that warning on installation I haven’t seen any of the functionality impacted, which is weird. Feel free to post if you say anything fishy

you still have to create Custom User Fields that match the names in the Admin section setting. I would suggest hiding the fields after creating them so that there isn’t both the text of the social login url + the social login clickable icon.

Here is a how-to post here on meta about setting up the custom user fields

currently a bit more than the originally intended scope as i think it would require a good amount of work- not all of which im sure is available in just a theme component… but perhaps. would have to take a bit deeper look. If its super critical I would have to suggest the #marketplace in case theres someone who could take on the work- im currently not able to dedicate much time to this unfortunately.

also a cool idea, but would suggest the same as before… this could probably be done as part of this as well if you or someone was interested in taking a stab at generalizing - one of the other features you could set per social was the color.
Github Issue for Generalizing Adding New Socials

sorry i cant be more helpful on these but thank you for the feedback!