Clickable Social Icon Links on Profile

Awesome! How about Steam next (would be great for video game forums)? :smile:


yep sure thing this is a quick one too: feel free to update


Also a Known Bug:

if you use either of the filters on the directory:

then the social icons will get mixed up when the users load after the filtering. So typically it gets messed up by giving every card the exact same link for a social icon. Im not sure why this happens but just to let people using it now. And/or if anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, would be super grateful for help!

Hope to add this to the OP


Great! Thank you! Is Twitch an option?


I found the same problem in my Discourse installation. When the theme component is activated, anonymous visitors find a broken user profile.

I don’t have the Follow Plugin installed, so I think it seems to be an incompatibility between the TC and Discourse core?

Maybe it is also related to the issue @renato has commented recently.

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Is it possible to set these when a user logs in with the specified social provider? I want to ensure that people cannot claim to be someone else. Also, with Discord it doesn’t make sense that it’s a link since there’s no user profiles with Discord, how could I have it show the icon and the name? Also, instead of coloring them all the same is it possible to style each one differently? I’d love Discord to be blurple (Discord’s blue-purple color) so it displays nicely on both dark and light themes. Great addon though!

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Is this Theme component broken? User Card Directory works for me just fine on current Dicourse 2.7.0, but I’ll get “This theme contains incorrect CSS, HTML or YAML” after install.

Also the component settings appear in the admin sections, but it ain’t possible to set anything in the user profiles.

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hi just added twitch now. i should find a way to make adding new icons more generalizable such that they don’t require code changes - im a bit pressed on time to make this general change but open to PRs!
Github Issue for Generalizing Adding New Socials

I’m seeing this too - but am not able to quickly pinpoint exactly what is wrong. I’m using on a 2.7 install and although i see that warning on installation I haven’t seen any of the functionality impacted, which is weird. Feel free to post if you say anything fishy

you still have to create Custom User Fields that match the names in the Admin section setting. I would suggest hiding the fields after creating them so that there isn’t both the text of the social login url + the social login clickable icon.

Here is a how-to post here on meta about setting up the custom user fields

currently a bit more than the originally intended scope as i think it would require a good amount of work- not all of which im sure is available in just a theme component… but perhaps. would have to take a bit deeper look. If its super critical I would have to suggest the #marketplace in case theres someone who could take on the work- im currently not able to dedicate much time to this unfortunately.

also a cool idea, but would suggest the same as before… this could probably be done as part of this as well if you or someone was interested in taking a stab at generalizing - one of the other features you could set per social was the color.
Github Issue for Generalizing Adding New Socials

sorry i cant be more helpful on these but thank you for the feedback!


I am getting this message when I install this component.

Moreover, I am unable to see any editable field after enabling this plugin. I have added it to correct themes but still nothing is visible in the user profile.


Hey! Would love to use this, but having the same error issue as @thegurjyot above. Any chance you know a quick way to fix this, especially on fully hosted installs? :slight_smile:

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hi @thegurjyot @ivanovitch
sorry about the delay, just pushed a change that got rid of those ember selectors. hopefully this doesn’t make anything look too funny! if so, PRs always welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for such a nice theme component! It looks great and it’s really easy to use.

Would it be possible to add an email/envelope icon? My community uses SSO so user emails are set by that, but it’d be nice if people could indicate a different email (like their research email) that they’d like people to contact them with.


Great component looks great on users cards!.
Finding Discord’s user link is kind of tricky, i better disabled it knowing some users would have problem looking for it. It would be so much easier if users only need to add usernames instead of full URL.

Also is it possible to add Telegram and TikTok user fields?

Thanks for this component!


added telegram in last push

i added this but the tik tok icon isnt showing up and im not quite sure why if anyone knows anything, lemme know… i see someone else had this issue too: Tiktok font awesome icon is not rendering.

done in the latest!

couldnt find a great way to do this. do you know the format of Discourse profile URLs that includes their user names?


Any chance you could add Vero to this? Unfortunately there is no fontawesome icon yet, but there is this Vero Icons & Symbols

Flickr would be a nice addition as well! Flickr does have a FA icon f16e


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Excited to see this, had used/abandoned Namati, this is much better.

Some requests / notes:

  • No Facebook field option? It’s icon is listed, but nothing to match a userfield (I loathe FB but my users use it)
  • Any possible way for a generic one? My people like using to provide name pronunciation. I tried to use spotify icon, but spotify appears on the title text. It’s niche and there’s no icon, but I could live with a different icon.
    • I also have an affiliation URL, would work okay with a global icon.

  • Instagram & Twitter custom user fields only expect the user names (no “@” included), the name gets appended to the base URL

And thanks for catching the case where they enter a user name! (ask for twitter URL, but they ignore that, entering a username works too.) (looks like using an @ in twitter works, also ends up displaying in the card which is okay bby me)

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Could you add support for the new YouTube handles? Also my community is having some issues with the current restriction on YouTube channel urls:


It’s certainly time for an icon for Mastodon? I have requests to add as a user field. It’s got an icon Mastodon Icon | Font Awesome


Would it be possible to add other Social Links such as:


I can only guess at the code to do this, but can see the trick would be converting a Mastodon user name like (probably easy to grep match on the double “@”? I stink at grep) to

Seems doable?

unless the user just enters a URL for their mastodon link (I’d prefer the former since I already have users entering fediverse user names in a profile field)

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