Clickable Social Icon Links on Profile

I don’t know if this is related to some recent core change: if logged in on my account the links show up on user cards, but if logged out (I’m testing with an anon tab) it outputs an error to console because on this row userFields is undefined. In this case, the user card shows only the avatar and username, nothing else.

If I check for userFields presence before its first use as I tested here the card is shown entirely, but no social icon links.

Anyone else having this issue?

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yea - just made discord available as an icon for users. Please update!

Yea also this is the way it currently works, you just need to make 1 custom user field called Discord


Yea i’ve never seen this used on any type of community that has anon users able to see the /u page so I can’t even say that this is the intended functionality.

Open to any PRs that help with making this useful for those types of communities as well. Sorry for not being able to help more!

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Awesome! How about Steam next (would be great for video game forums)? :smile:


yep sure thing this is a quick one too: feel free to update


Also a Known Bug:

if you use either of the filters on the directory:

then the social icons will get mixed up when the users load after the filtering. So typically it gets messed up by giving every card the exact same link for a social icon. Im not sure why this happens but just to let people using it now. And/or if anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, would be super grateful for help!

Hope to add this to the OP


Great! Thank you! Is Twitch an option?

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I found the same problem in my Discourse installation. When the theme component is activated, anonymous visitors find a broken user profile.

I don’t have the Follow Plugin installed, so I think it seems to be an incompatibility between the TC and Discourse core?

Maybe it is also related to the issue @renato has commented recently.

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