Clicking @user in post preview goes to new page, loses composed message

  1. Go to a topic
  2. Reply to the first post.
  3. Type a message that @-mentions a user
  4. In the preview area, click the @user.

Instead of a pop-up being displayed, a new page request is made for the user’s profile.

After clicking the browser’s back button, the message that was being composed, may also be lost.

I’ve been bitten by this while composing a long reply summarizing a few topics. Wanted to click on one of the users I’ve @-mentioned to make sure they hadn’t already addressed my reply with one of their posts.


Hmm yeah that is pretty traumatic, see what we can do here @eviltrout my preference is to just ignore these clicks in the composer preview.

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Okay I’ve disabled clicking on stuff in the composer preview: