Clipboard copy from theme text editor only copies about a one and half lines of text

Repro: Navigate to https://DOMAIN/admin/customize/themes/1/common/footer/edit

Highlight text, press control-c, then paste into another program like emacs or a terminal, and only part of the text I highlighted appears, about a line and a half at most.

The selection buffer (middle click) doesn’t capture anything at all.

Version info: Discourse 2.9.0.beta12 723f8239df. My browser 107.0+build2-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~mt1+11.0trisquel94 (this should work the same as firefox 107). My OS is Trisquel 11 using Xorg.

I suggest as part of a fix for this, please provide a plain text editor, whatever fancy editor you have setup will be prone to breaking copy/paste again later.

Hi Ian. :wave:

I’m using Fedora 37 and Firefox 106.0.4, unable to reproduce this issue.

I’m not sure how to determine what is happening here. Are you able to reproduce this issue on another Discourse site? Does it happen when you copy the text using safe mode?

How would you suggest we proceed? :slight_smile:


Yes, it still happens in safe mode. My abrowser (firefox derivative) is now at version 109.0+build1-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~mt1+11.0trisquel94. maiki, are you testing with Xorg? Can you try again with a newer browser now? I’m also on i3 window manager in case that will make any difference.

What I suggest is to document a way to edit these values without the javascript enhanced editor running. It still runs in safe mode, that would be a good time to disable it. Even if I had to edit a field in the discourse database, I’d be happier than I am with it now.