Closing the flag loop

A feature I noticed on Twitter today that I really enjoyed was:

In the past when I flagged stuff on twitter stuff would go into the black hole. I never felt any sense of closure.

With this new feature I feel like my flag mattered, this makes me more inclined to flag more.

Does it make sense to notify users who flag after a flag is handled by an admin if there is a delay of more than N minutes AND flag was helpful?

Something along the lines of “A moderator reviewed your flag and found it helpful”?

I really like this cause it encourages flagging and to be honest there is not enough flagging going on on many sites. But I get the other side that this could have unknown side effects.


Custom flags would have a reply of some kind, since they create a PM.

I really like this. In DOTA2 you get something similar:

I’m some cases users also get the equivalent of a TL promotion:


Hmm, well, we already added notification to flaggers when a post was edited after being flagged to threshold.

One thing I’d like us to do is send an automatic PM to the user when

  • their post has been flagged


  • a moderator deletes their post

That is a sort of “flag handling”, so perhaps this could be generalized @sam? I’d like to start with that part if we can, since it matches a lot of routine day to day mod work.

Notifying the flaggers we are kind of doing in the above case when the user edits their post that was flagged to threshold, and that could be further generalized as well.


@neil perhaps you can take the above next week?

Yep, I also got one for


I added the message for when a flagged post is deleted:


OK! Looks good; I copyedited it to

Flagged post removed by staff


This is an automated message from %{site_name} to let you know that your post was removed.


This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

Please review our [community guidelines](%{base_url}/guidelines) for details.


Also @neil is going to add the flag reason to the above ↑ message, probably next week, for consistency and better explainability

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I added the flag reason to the message, the same text used in the “Post hidden by community flags” PMs.