Two custom badges on moderation

I’ve seen two behaviors come up repeatedly on our forum:

  • Users flag a post they deem inappropriate and at the same time reply publicly, leading to the post being hidden but with replies.
  • Users edit their flagged post with minimal changes, so it shows up again. Of course it gets flagged a second time.

I’m not expecting magical changes, but I’d like to introduce two badges rewarding actions we’d consider best practice:

  • When you want to address a post that you flagged, contact the author directly (and stay friendly)
  • Give changing your flagged post a try just once

I’m just starting with this and I doubt I’ll succeed in writing the queries properly soon. I saw this encouragement in another topic, so I’ll post my intended outcome below, maybe someone is interested in giving feedback :slight_smile:

Smooth Moderator

Received a like on at least 3 flag messages.

Long description:
This badge is granted when you receive a like on the message you sent to another user through the flag dialogue at least 3 times. Hats off! You’re working hard behind the scenes to keep our community civil.

No Drama Queen

Edited a flagged post and did not receive new flags on it.

Long description:
This badge is granted when your initial post was flagged and your edit did not receive any new flags. Thanks for not acting like a prima donna! You are so much better, you are a Queen.

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You could post a notice to all the users (a pinned banner on your homepage?) telling them not to reply to a post if they flag it due to the fact their reply will also be hidden until the flag is resolved.

That’s a good idea so long as the user that was flagged allows PM from other users. If in their preferences they’ve unchecked the box Allow other users to send me personal messages in their Preferences/Notifications/Messages, users who flag their posts cannot send them a PM to explain the reason for the flag. :neutral_face:

Well, we wouldn’t want to stress this with a pinned banner. I just thought of adding some fun badges for folks that are susceptible to it. Though that set might not be tooo big :upside_down_face:

Still, thanks for your suggestion! And Happy Birthday to you :partying_face:

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