Cloud basic vs self hosted questions

Hello and welcome @SjefRomijn :slight_smile:

You can choose your server location on signup, from either the US, Canada, or the EU:

If you’re hosted with us we also handle all of your email too, so no need for a separate provider. :+1: And for the Basic tier your domain would be (though if you ever upgraded to Standard you could then use your own domain if you wished).

We would also handle all of the technical side of things, as well as providing a dedicated support channel for any issues or questions you may have. :slight_smile:

If you do choose the self-hosting route then you can install as many plugins as you like, including third-party ones, and have as many admins and moderators as you like too (though a good alternative regardless of hosting is to use TL4 and category moderators instead, as they have some mod-like abilities without needing to be full forum staff members). And if you opt for the standard install method you can access help from our very knowledgable Discourse community here on meta too. :slight_smile: