Basic installation question

A simple silly question if i buy a simple basic plan hosting by You i can have acces to the server to install plug-ins or i have to ask someone a staff to do It And the Next how many plug-ins i can install in a basic plan is there a limit? Regards

Hi @hhlp, are you referring to the Discourse hosting plans at If yes, you do not have server access and cannot request additional plugins to be installed on standard tier.


If what you want is to have access to the server (with all of the pleasures of maintenance and management) then you want to be self-hosted. I have a range of installation packages and can also be available to help with server maintenance, management, and backups.

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If i buy the business plan 300# I have acces to basic advanced And custom plug-ins
What are they? Where is the list?

It’s linked from the pricing page, see: Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion β€” looks like Akismet is basic; Data Explorer is advanced (business/enterprise hosting only).