CMYK scheme in Consolidated Pageviews graph

After the upgrade to 3.1.0.beta5 the Consolidated Pageviews graph is presented in CMYK scheme, all other graphs use RGB (also tested in safe mode with same results).

Is this intentional?

it is intentional, yes. We made the change for accessibility reasons as per: UX: admin barchart fixed colours by chapoi · Pull Request #21362 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

The change makes sure that colourblind people can always read the charts, regardless of the theme colours chosen.


Right what hawk said… It’s not CYMK, but a specific set of colors that is meant to be readable on dark and light backgrounds, as well as for people with colorblindness. Prior to this change theme colors were used, which wasn’t always ideal for charts. In cases where multiple colors (like tertiary and quaternary) were set to the same color for example, the charts would become unreadable.