Barchart Legend Colors Swapped

Under admin > dashboard > consolidated page views, it looks to me like the legend colors are swapped. Clearly lighter color blue is the largest value in the chart, yet the numbers for it in the legend are smaller than the dark blue.



Indeed this is weird, do you have the same results with safe-mode ? no repro here.

In safe-mode, it looks correct. Since I haven’t added any plugins, I suspect this is a bug with respect to the stock Dark Theme.

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Indeed seems that’s it. Did you change to dark theme recently ?


I started using and administering discourse recently. :slight_smile:

I noticed this too, just tried again to isolate the problem.

I think the bar chart seems to use the colour scheme of the default theme - when I change my theme in my profile to something else other than the default theme on my site, the bar chart colours seem to remain the same.


Yes I expect it to be cache related. Will dig more next week.


So it was not what I thought :sweat_smile:

The fix is kind of simple:

Long story short: by a combination of transparency and dark background and RNG, the color looked inverted on dark background when they were in fact correct. So I have removed transparency in this case and added a way to “lighten” colors.