Code areas use different font with different spacing

(Pierre-Olivier Latour) #1

Pretty funny actually - compare carefully the input and output :wink:

Looks like some of the prefix whitespace is expanded on lines #2 and later.

(Sam Saffron) #2

What does babelmark say: Babelmark 2 - Compare markdown implementations

(Pierre-Olivier Latour) #3

Here’s the test I’m using


And here are the test results.

(Pierre-Olivier Latour) #4

Just realize the test I pasted above doesn’t render right when viewed in the topic, the source is actually:

(Sam Saffron) #5

Markdown seems pretty unanimous about how to treat that :slight_smile: and we are doing the right thing.

If you want a monospace font in your editor go for that, by adding a site customization.

I am torn, my personal pref is for monospace markdown textareas, but there is a strong argument monospace makes this “more computery” and “less friendly”. Ultimately this is a decision that is up to @codinghorror. Even cooking Stack Exchange uses monospace (but on the other hand they do not display stuff side by side).


Font in editor no longer monospaced?
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We are not interested in changing the font of the editor to monospace