Font in editor no longer monospaced?

Is this intentional? Running discourse-1.9.0.beta14~git446.610d7a9412

By editor you mean the composer? It has never been monospaced.

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hmm I had the feeling it was in the past. It would be nice to have that as an option especially for posts with lots of code blocks.

Use code formatting for code blocks?

err the output is not the problem … I usually write longer posts in a text editor anyway. but e.g. when you use “------” to mark sections then the heading length and the length of the “----” part no longer mathc. this can be confusing.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about? Are we still on monospace/code blocks?

no. I am talking about that a monospaced font might be better for editing markdown formatted content

Just take this as an example

The line under the heading doesnt match the length anymore in the composer.

This can be confusing. (see the markdown source of my comment)

I see, but considering only one " -" is enough to promote the line to a title, I think there’s no need for monospace.

would it be hard to implement an user option to switch the font for the composer?

I’ve thought about this a bit before and I don’t hate the idea. The benefit of using a monospaced font is that it’s a quick indication of “this isn’t a WYSIWYG editor” and further distinguishes the editing space from the preview in the composer.

There are some downsides though; monospaced fonts do take a bit longer to read and have some general quirks. IA Writer has spun these as benefits, but kind of caved and developed their own new “kind-of monospace” typeface to avoid those quirks.

Either way, there aren’t any significant problems this solves with our existing editor, and it’s pretty easy for admins to customize this themselves on their instance - so any sort of additional feature wouldn’t be high priority.


For the record I also much prefer monospace for markdown formatting. @codinghorror is not keen on making this a global default at all.

Font was never monospace in the editor from the first release of Discourse.

Oh my gosh what is with all the people seeing a feature that has been the same in Discourse since 2013 and suddenly exclaiming “you have changed this!” when … we haven’t!

It’s like they are seeing the editor / composer for the first time, suddenly… quite a victory of design, let’s applaud :clap: @awesomerobot


Monospace or no, I for one embrace our new awesome layout overlords. :tada: