Code in customize not saving, restore backup grayed out

(Scott Pruett) #1

I just ran an upgrade to 1.3.0.beta8. The admin page is still saying I’m out of date, but the upgrade page / docker manager says I’m up to date.

Other issues that weren’t present before…

I’m trying to customize my </head> section, and any changes I’m making don’t save.

I went to restore a backup from before the update and the restore button is grayed out.

Code in customize section not saving

I agree this customize not saving
For save must refresh page OR logout and login again

(Scott Pruett) #3

Yeah, I logged in/out, same issue…

But now it’s working again. I’m not sure what happened.

Code in customize section not saving
(Jeff Atwood) #4

The upgrade issue was us botching a release. There is a new beta9 that works properly for version checking.

(Jeff Atwood) #5