Collapsed sections in mobile sidebar don’t expand when changing views

Collapsed sections in sidebar drop down mode in mobile view don’t expand when you go back to desktop view. while this isn’t a big deal, i tend to switch views a lot and i don’t think that is expected behavior. one has to switch views back to mobile and expand the collapsed sections before switching to desktop. i guess because the drop down navigator sidebar doesn’t have collapsing/ expanding sections like the sliding one. desktop view button probably needs a navigation menu section expander code added to it.


  1. set navigation_menu to header dropdown
  2. go to mobile view and collapse menu sections
  3. switch to desktop view and try navigator menu


I could repro the issue :+1:


This is a great catch.

We need to build an override here @awesomerobot / @tgxworld so we never have anything collapsed when stuff is in hamburger mode.


i’m going to move it from drop down to sidebar on my forum. i like that it is more similar to the mobile view that way. i think my users will grow to like it, especially with the manually expanding and collapsing sections and the menu itself. i think the desktop users (of which i have many) will like that it can stay expanded.

after using the navigation menu in drop down hamburger mode for awhile i personally much prefer the sideburger.

i know some of my older users will complain at first but i can always blame Discourse lol :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the bug report here @Lillinator

I’ve pushed a fix for this in


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