Color for number of replies in categories view

I noticed some new coloring in the categories section for the number of replies today, and I’m not a huge fan of the blue. The other three colors (for “high”, “very high”, and “extremely high” like to post ratio) are all in the brown and orange family, so it feels out of place. Additionally, the blue here is similar to the blue bubble shown when you have unread posts in a topic you are tracking, so it keeps catching my eye unnecessarily. Could this be changed to a more subtle color?


These are just default options! Meaning each community can adjust or change it as they like using our extensive theming system. Have you seen that the change is not possible or hard to do in your community?

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Looking closer at your categories page it seems that the color originally used is actually overwritten by the tertiary color used by the site. We’ll see how to fix it.


I’m just a user, not an admin, so I have no control over stuff like this. In any case, I’m suggesting that it’s not a great default since I imagine many communities keep the defaults.

Much appreciated!


I added a temporary fix to the site while our designers will work on a permanent fix. You should see the fix after hard refreshing the site.


If someone else needs the temporary fix just add this line of CSS to the Common/CSS stylesheet

.latest-topic-list .posts-map, .top-topic-list .posts-map {
    color: var(--primary-med-or-secondary-med);