Color scheme use prevents category-based background image on topic pages

Today I switched over some CSS customizations to the color scheme system. However, after doing so, I no longer see my custom background image for topic pages in the categories where I’ve defined such a background image.

This seems like a bug to me; perhaps someone can confirm?

Maybe it wasn’t just me then. Just did the beta 8 upgrade and posts are no longer showing the custom category background. They did 15 commits or a day ago.

Not sure if that’s a feature.

Category custom bg does work if you’re in the category posts view.

Yes, that’s right. If viewing topics for the category, all is well. But when on a topic page, nothing for me


My guess is this commit: 7b8c7ff had something to do with it.

But I’ll let the experts chime in as I only have one rapidly diminishing eye able to focus at this stage :smile:

@codinghorror ?

Sorry about that, I just fixed it :tiger: