Combined Post List

In a couple of different contexts I’ve come across requests for a list of posts pulled from multiple topics according to certain variables. One example of this is a site-wide list of posts containing images, pulled together to create an instagram-style feed of the latest images on the site. You can see this (and a few other customisations) here:

I’m interested in whether this concept is generalisable, what kind of interest there is in it, and any variations on the theme.


@angus what do you think of these scenarios:

  1. ‘Explore’ tab:
    This would work similar to Instagram’s explore feed similar to your screenshot above, showing images pulled from topics/posts posted by users across the site. Preference is given to user’s subscribed categories, tags, topics, posts, followed users, viewing history, reading time, interests listed (if any, in user profile).

  2. ‘Following + Top’ tab:
    This would work similar to what you (and others) have talked about (see here and here) in working on a more personalized feed that also possibly includes posts/topics from users you follow (using the Follow plugin). We could try and see if we can get a more personal feed by combining factors listed in the above example.


I have a question: is this look of the website due to the template itself or does it need to change something in the code?

If so, which specific files should I take to the workshop ?. Thanks for your help - I want to familiarize myself and so that I can best help others in the future (if possible)