Combining chat and topic messages

I note that in Discourse Chat, sequential posts are automatically merged if they are posted within 5 minutes of each other. I’m impressed by how likes / reactions (and I think reply-to) are preserved:

Some chats / communities are slower, and it would be nice to extend that time for them.

In my forums I’m forever merging posts, which annoys me no end (and probably my poor harrassed users too!)

Two related feature requests:

  1. Make the delay before combining chat posts configureable.

    • just per site is probably fine
  2. Add the same functionality to for topic posts (also configureable)

    • it might be nice to present an over-ride option to the user for edge use-cases or have the ability to turn it off per category or topic.

Hiya @nathankershaw. :wave:

I moved this to a new feature topic, as it has to do with chat among others, and we can have a fresh conversation starting from now. :+1: