Commenting repetition

(Guy Fawkes) #1

What’s the point of this repetition in commenting answers ?!

is it possible to keep only what’s in the second picture .


It provides context for the reply. See more here:

(Guy Fawkes) #3

When a user read the answers provided for the OP by users , he can be distracted by the comments to answers in the list , don’t you think so ?
Jeff didn’t mention in his blog if this can be disabled

(Guy Fawkes) #4

But that’s depends if the OP was a question that needs an answer or a topic to discuss .
for the first case , I think this method will not work


The way Discourse displays posts reduces clutter. Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a topic with 20 posts, and you want to reply to a specific post. Your reply is placed in the list chronologically, but the post to which you replied will have a button that unfurls the group of replies made to that specific post.

If that were not the case, you, and everyone else replying to that specific post would have to manually provide context using a quote. This might be OK, but showing the same or similar quote for each post referencing a post somewhere above is redundant and makes for cumbersome reading.

So, the user should choose which reply to use - to a specific post, or to the conversation in general:

(Jeff Atwood) #6