CommonMark testing started here!

I understand :(. Sometime we should do horrible things, because users are not going to change their habits.

Then try patched paragraph rule (which stores info about trimmed head), as discussed on github. The only disadvantage is - it may be changed in upstream on CM spec update. But you can add test to signal about such change.

1 2 3 4
Call 11 12 11 13
Text 15 1 5 18
Browse 122 2 6 110

I wish it showed properly in the preview so I do not have to post this as a topic.

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That is a bug, we will get it fixed!


The oneboxing issue is fixed:

I did want to take a few moments to say :sun_with_face: :dancer: :sunny: to @Vitaly, it is absolutely amazing one can replace core behavior of the new engine in a very tidy and maintainable way without needing to fork the project. I am able to achieve in minutes stuff that used to take me hours when working with the previous Markdown engines.

The pipeline, date flow and token stream make for an amazingly clear design that is understandable by humans. Thank you.


I enabled the typographer here (with the site setting enable_markdown_typographer)

This means that:

(c) (C) (r) (R) (tm) (TM) (p) (P) +-

test.. test... test..... test?..... test!....

!!!!!! ???? ,,  -- ---

"Smartypants, double quotes" and 'single quotes'

renders as:

© © ® ® ™ ™ § § ±

test… test… test… test?.. test!..

!!! ??? , – —

“Smartypants, double quotes” and ‘single quotes’

I do not think we will enable it by default, but some communities have expressed interest in it so … here you go…


I fixed that per:

Should be deployed here shortly.


Shouldn’t those render as test?.. and test!.. (i.e. three dots rather than two)?

Strongly depends on which color you like your bike shed :smile:


I guess the idea is that there are indeed three dots, but one of them is part of the question mark (or exclamation mark) :wink:

?.. !..


Not quite. Typographically, three dots are an ellipsis and and ellipsis is always three dots. There is no two to ellipsis and I am not aware of any style guide that suggests that the question mark or exclamation mark can replace one of the dots. By contrast, there are plenty of recommendations that suggest the use of a punctuation mark plus three dots (and, while we’re at it: to separate them from the punctuation mark with a space):

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I suggest you open this on the markdown it Github issues page cause we are simply consuming the functionality


Woo markdown tables!

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I did. They are using Russian typography and they’re basically sending the ball back to you by answering:

you can disable replacer and add your own if you don’t like existing one.

We do not care about this specific issue and will not be working on it.

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The hide details feature doesn’t work properly on meta:


This text will be hidden

Now we just need a nifty composer option to insert a table and we’ll be golden. :pray:

You need to write it

This text will be hidden

This text will be hidden

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Makes sense. Then the composer options menu needs a tweak to fix how it inserts it.


Thanks… fixed per:

Should be deployed here shortly.