Community Consultant

We are looking for a consultant that can help us develop this side of our business - we are one of the uks leading publishers, with 450k subscribers- and have recently launched our community. This is all new to us, we’r really looking for developers that have experience on user ability, acquisition, functionality - wed love to speak to you about some consultancy of freelance work free lane consultancy basis whether its functionality , marketing a community, building one, increasing stickiness, increasing usage - any help is welcome.


Hi Alexandra,

I would live to help you with that, feel free to reach via PM, or through email, you can also book for intro call at Calendly - Ghassan Maslamani


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Hi Ali, you can check out the following links to help you get a sense of where to go.

Trusted Discourse Partners: Discourse partners | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Skilled Discourse Users:

The skilled Discourse users are a combination of Designers, Developers and Community Consultants.

If you’re hosted by, you can also reach out to them for specific help with respect to your development, design or customisation needs.