Community curated knowledge networks

I came across this article this morning and cannot get enough of it. Seems like the sort of thing other community leaders might find interesting, given the intersections of user experience and revOps.

To be clear, I had never heard of this author before today. Just that my experiences building/running online communities for 20 years, combined with my day jobs in the publishing, marketing, professional development, and knowledge management spaces tell me this is legit and worth a read.

We selected Discourse to handle the community aspects of just such a model. We use WordPress as our public-facing media outlet and Discourse for our private, paid-membership community.

Ultimately, we’re working toward our members collaborating to develop actionable content (read: instructions, how-tos, formal programs and courses) which can then be purposefully packaged for both easy member access and retail sales (read: members’ profit sharing!).

When we launched, we were looking at the following tech stack:

  • WordPress for blog posts, articles, and news.
  • Discourse for community engagement & lede curation.
  • LearnDash (WP LMS plugin) to manage course creation & delivery.
  • WikiMedia (wiki) to pull it all together.

I haven’t done much of anything with the Discourse wiki post functionality yet, though. Near the top of my list for research these days. (If you’ve got a good wiki topic in mind, please share?)

Anyway, I thought I’d share this here with the rest of the people looking to fully leverage Discourse. And who knows, maybe some of this speaks to the future of Discourse that I, as a general lurker, just haven’t seen yet. :stuck_out_tongue:



Is it possible to display all of discourse content in a graph structure and let people edit the graph? + :slight_smile: