Community focused on Community Management and Building?

I know this “community” category here exists for exactly this reason, but it still is focused on Discourse. Do you know any communities that are platform independent and just focused on Community Management, Practices and Building?

That would be


We’ve split this out into a category of its own so that we can offer support with community building more generally. If you have questions that aren’t platform dependant I can do my best to answer them.

FeverBee is a great resource but you won’t get answers there that I can’t give you here (I ran that place until last month).

So bring it on… I’m listening.


That is my mission. Community that views culture as a technology informed and modified using a paradigm of Ecological/Environmental Psychology.

We aren’t behavioralists vis-a-vis BF Skinner, are heavily invested in a clinical adaptation of Comparitive practice typically only used in the study of animals other than humankind.

It is amazing how many people believe humans can’t be studied in-situ because we live in built environments. Somehow they rationalise this negates any attempt to form a cogent study and analysis of behavior.

We are organized as a non-profit, scientific community of practice that administrated a federated union for cooperative living.

The federation offers an SLA or Service Level Agreement to provision Critical Infrastructure as a Service for our constituency.

We are a sociocratic organization with decision making conforming to accepted practice if Evidentiary Science within a Science Court.

This criteria dramatically reduces decision to a narrow subset for which the body of knowledge is insufficient to make a clear and unambiguous choice based on the current science.

It is a radical departure from main stream planned communities and outlier communes typically found in

Hope that wasn’t too much information.

Not too much info, but potentially a bit off topic. :wink:
It sounds like an interesting venture, never the less.

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Thanks, doing that right now in parallel topics :slight_smile:

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