Where can I ask non-technical questions around here?

(John ) #1

Community management oriented stuff like:

  • “What works for building communities”
  • “How do you usually handle a situation such as X”
  • “What are some ways to engage your best users”

This is the softer than software stuff that’s at least as important to building a community. Where does that happen around here?

Everything I’ve found seems to be uncategorized, meaning I need to be extra clever with searching to find that stuff.

(Michael Downey) #2

May I humbly suggest http://communityleadershipforum.com/ … another Discourse-based site. It’s activity peaks and wanes but there are quite a few community leaders there to tap.

(mountain) #3

The Community Building Stack Exchange always helped me with advice or a general direction. It has a lot of answered questions already similar to what you are looking for.

I also suggest checking out items related to conflict management (books or googling should suffice).

However, if you’re a customer, then uncategorized would probably be a good spot to discuss such issues if the developers wish to have feedback (if it relates to Discourse and how it works/runs).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Probably fine for this to exist as a tag.

I suggest a topic with a specific question, if you are looking for general advice, we have a blog entry here: Building a Discourse Community

Kitchen sink general advice topics are kind of tough to deal with (and search for…), so the more specific the better.

(John ) #5

Great resources. I suppose there’s no reason I need to get my advice from here. I’ll check those out.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Happy to give advice, just has to be focused, with specifics.

(John ) #7

Finally checked out that board, and I noticed you’ll be attending this event: Attendees | Community Leadership Summit

The price looks right, and I’ll be on the left coast around that time already. Is it worth some extra cost and flight time?

(Michael Downey) #8

Yes, I highly recommend the event to any community leader, especially those managing technical communities. It’s an unconference, so the content is up to attendees, but even more valuable is the networking opportunity. Since it’s immediately before OSCON and free, many if not most open source community managers attend.

(John ) #9

Thanks, I plan to be there. :smile: