Community glossary?

Hi everyone, I’m interested in creating a community glossary w/in discourse. Something like this:

I understand that this functionality isn’t part of the core, but is there a plugin that already exists? Or has anyone come up with a creative way to get this done in their forum?

To clarify, I want to add a glossary to my forum – I don’t want to turn a forum into a glossary.



Would making it a wiki post so what you want?

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A wiki post (for the content) with DiscoTOC (for the navigation between letters) would be a pretty good combo

I wonder if this plugin might help in some way


It could get the job done-ish, but not exactly what I’m thinking. With a glossary page, each word would then be a link to it’s definition, or could have the definition right below the word (maybe accordian to see definition). In the former case, linkifying throughout the site could route a user to the word’s definition page, and in the latter case, to the open accordian.

The above could be done with wikis and a planned framework, but ease of community use would increase if there was a more straightforward way to add a word, rather than a topic. Also, the alphabetical sorter on the top of the page is a nice feature.


I haven’t worked with DiscoTOC. That might be the way to make this work. Knowledge Explorer plugin is fantastic, but I have to think about how to make it work with the glossary and rest of the site.

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There is a linkify theme component. It could do what you want if it’s just a few words. If you are going to have dozens of hundreds you’ll want a plugin


Just played around with that a little bit and added some CSS to my theme to make glossary links appear in the standard text color with a dotted underline.

a.linkify-word { 
  text-decoration-line: underline; 
  text-decoration-style: dotted; 
  color: $primary; 
  text-underline-offset: 0.1em; 

(Browser-compatibility for text-underline-offset is not great yet, but at least on Firefox (Desktop) and Safari it makes this look a little nicer.)