Knowledge Explorer Plugin

:warning: This plugin is still in an early release stage. There may be unexpected bugs or behavior.


The Knowledge Explorer plugin is a continuation of development on the Knowledge Explorer Theme Component.

In essence, Knowledge Explorer allows for easier surfacing of knowledge-base style topics across a defined set of categories and/or tags.

Filter the list down by tags, search via the search bar, and click on topics to see the first post – all without leaving the context of the knowledge explorer.

Need to find a knowledge base topic from somewhere else in Discourse? Use the new search helper: in:kb.

How to Use

  1. Install the plugin following these instructions.
  2. Enable the plugin by turning on the knowledge explorer enabled setting.
  3. Add categories and tags to the knowledge explorer categories and knowledge explorer tags settings.
  4. Find the knowledge explorer from the hamburger menu.
  5. Profit with easier access to knowledge!

Looks rather nifty!
Just added it to my community and will give it a go.



I have feedbacks!

  1. I think complete suppression of category is overkill here, at a minimum a site setting to enable rendering of category names. Also categories should be on the left hand side as expandable filters.

  2. When I search the left hand panel should update to show an aggregation categories+tags that are in the filtered term. At the moment the list is static.

  3. Full transition to topic is not ideal, instead just render the topic in the “results” section, leaving nav around.

  4. tags/categories on left should be ordered from “most” to “least”

  5. Site setting for “default ordering of search”, on dev for example I would like ordering to be default by latest not relevance

  6. “search panel” full rerenders when you select a filter, this should be doing partial rendering so if feels smoother.

Overall, very nice v0 :+1: