Community Health statistics

Is it possible to include email-list users under community health statistics?

Currently, it looks like only logged in users per day are counted.

In particular can the ‘Consolidated Pageviews’ graph be renamed/upgraded to include a count of email list recipients who received messages that did not bounce that day (excluding those who also logged in that day)?

I know that intuitively it would make sense that a passive email recipient seems likely less engaged than someone who has gone to the trouble of logging in, but as it happens most of my user base read posts only by email, and only if they have read an emailed post do they respond - by email. They seldom if ever log in.

Unless they happen to post something, it seems like their presence is not being captured at all.

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That would be a great addition to community stats. I check manually from time to time using this Data Explorer script:

We currently get 16% post via email, so a significant amount.

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