Whether digest mail data displayed is from user last seen or Week by Week data?

Let me know if my understanding is correct–

  1. One inactive user for three weeks gets three weekly digest summary mail with X,Y,Z users added while one is away.
    2, One user is inactive in the first week, active in the second week, inactive in the third week gets two weekly digest summary mail with X, Z users added while one is away.

So my observation is new topics, unread notifications, and users added information is just weekly information and not counted from when the user last visited otherwise in 2nd scenario, two mails with X users added and (Y+Z) users added would have been received.

Please confirm.

Yes. I believe that this stats are for the site, not how many of those things have not been seen by the user (how would the number of new users be different for any other user?)

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Thanks a lot:) @pfaffman. Is it possible to replace the weekly addition count with the cumulative count of users?

Looks like the count of users in the digest emails have some discrepancies. Is it different from the new users signed up? Or Whether it is about new users active in the community?

Following is the count of new users as per the weekly digest mail and then the report of new user’s sign-ups

count of new users as per the weekly digest mail
Feb 5th Digest - 5 new users (Looks ok)
Feb 12th Digest - 9 new users (Looks ok)
Feb 19th Digest - 10 new users (Looks ok)
Feb 26th Digest - 3 new users (Looks different)

Sign-ups report on days

January 30, 2023 1
February 1, 2023 1
February 2, 2023 1
February 3, 2023 2

February 6, 2023 2
February 7, 2023 4
February 8, 2023 1
February 9, 2023 1
February 11, 2023 1

February 12, 2023 1
February 13, 2023 3
February 15, 2023 1
February 16, 2023 2
February 17, 2023 2
February 18, 2023 1

February 21, 2023 1
February 23, 2023 5