Community manager wanted

I’m looking for a Community Manager for a young (1 year-old, ~200 users), Discourse-based community. Please consider sharing this with anyone you know who might be interested. Communication preferred via pm here, or email

Community manager

The title “community manager” gets tossed around a lot. :slight_smile: Here’s what I’m looking for:

Someone to work primarily behind-the-scenes. This is an entirely remote gig. You would work closely with me to sustain existing initiatives and to develop new initiatives. UX (user experience) is your guiding compass.

Some examples that would fall in your wheelhouse:

  • We have a monthly social call for a subset of our members; is that working, should it be on a different schedule, how might we improve the experience, when should I be posting about it?
  • We don’t do much in the way of onboarding new members, what might we start doing? How would we define “this is working better” for onboarding?
  • What should our content creation calendar be?
  • What types of content should we be posting (into our community)?
  • We have anonymous, free and paying member tiers; what do each of those groups like that we are doing? What can we do more of?

Initiative: I’m looking for someone to bring ideas into the mix. Someone to take initiative in figuring out what the community needs. I’m not going to tell you what to do. Rather, you’re going to figure out what should be done (with as much help from me as you feel you need in the beginning, of course).

Communication: The community and all our work is in English, but English doesn’t need to be your first language. You and I simply need to be able to communicate comfortably. You must be within a few hours of US Eastern timezone so our real-time interactions can fall within my normal working day hours. (California thru Europe should be fine.) We’ll be interacting via (for company stuff, project management, etc), and in Zoom. You’ll need solid internet connectivity, and a decent Zoom setup (we’re a “cameras on” culture.)

Initial period: We’ll decide on a specific timeframe (a few weeks or so) for an hourly rate to be negotiated. Is this job a good fit? Are we a good fit? Do I actually know what I need from this role? Is the community one you enjoy working in/for?

(Aug 13: The above was updated to reflect hourly pay during during an initial period, rather than unpaid-intern as initially posted. See replies below.)

Part-time paying gig: During the initial period, we’ll discuss and decide on your actual time commitment and compensation. That way we can either part ways amicably at the set end-date of the internship, or we transition into it being a paying gig.

You would not be doing

Just to be clear…

The role does not involve providing tech support for using the Discourse platform.

The role does not involve being a community moderator. You’ll obviously get lots of access/privileges, but you don’t have to police the community. You won’t be expected to be on the site every day.

The role does not involve graphic design nor UI (user interface), Discourse customization, nor Discourse admin work (making categories, editing topics).

The role does not involve posting to social media, raising awareness of the community, nor attracting new members. The role does not involve writing posts nor creating content.

The role does not require domain knowledge. Although this is a podcasting community, you do not need to know (or learn) anything about podcasting. The role does not involve supporting podcasters.



Sorry, but this is a red flag for me. There’s no reason why you can’t pay someone during the trial period.


I don’t see it as a red flag. But I also wonder if you gain much from putting it like that? Why not just offer a part-time gig from the start and sketch it out with a typical roadmap:

First month:

Three months:

Half year:

And if it doesn’t fit after a month or three, it’s usual to part anyways.

2 Likes pays during their trial period. They even paid me to do a couple of installations when I took over the community install business. Give the kid a few grand or a few hundred bucks to do something (depending on the time involved). That’s what I’ve done when I’ve had young people help me out.


Thanks for the feedback @pfaffman @nolo @bartv ! I’ve updated the post to indicate pay during an “initial period” rather than labeling it as an “internship”.


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