Community Network Visualisation

If Discourse has identified the device as mobile there should be no link:

There is no link on my iPhone for example.

Works fine on iPad mini even if you have to scroll around a bit :slight_smile:

Yet it there:

(IPhone 8, but android users have told same)

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Looks like you upgraded recently, there’s been a deprecation that’s broken that.

Fixed now in: COMPATIBILITY: fix deprecation for mobile view determination · merefield/discourse-user-network-vis@1460d15 · GitHub

Ah, that explains why I thought it’s only visible for admins…

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Can config referent from main user only.

Hi @Bank_Live not sure understand your question fully. Do you mean configure it for main users only? You can limit the population by Trust Level.

I mean change main refer to user normal.

Are you hovering? That might explain it. Hovering isolates one core user to show only their relationships.

If not that’s an interesting pattern. It suggests that few users are interacting with each other, just a central user.

It is self configuring. My network looks nothing like a single ‘star’

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ok i try zoom out

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Yeah looks like few users interact with each other.

Over time as community matures that should hopefully change.

I’d filter by Trust Level (then wait for the job to rerun or do it manually) to show the more meaningful connections.

Set minimum Trust Level to 1 and see what happens …


I’ve added a “last seen” filter to help you further zone in on the data you really want to see, potentially removing unwanted noise of those people who’ve not been involved in the community recently.

FEATURE: add last seen at threshold for user inclusion · merefield/discourse-user-network-vis@f50ed3d (