Community Network Visualisation

Summary: A user network visualisation



:link: GitHub:

:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


Presents your community as a network visualisation (Desktop/Tablet only).


Get to it by hitting User Network on the Hamburger menu or navigating to - NB you have to be logged in as a registered user to see the vis.

  • the nodes represent users.

  • the links represent interactions on your forum - the more interactions, the thicker the line

    • an interaction is the combination of Likes and Replies (this is the very same data that’s available on someone’s Summary profile page to all users)
  • Hover over a user to isolate them and their connections visually

  • Click on a node to navigate to their Summary profile.

  • Drag nodes around and watch the show :game_die:

:warning: Trust levels are currently exposed as different colours. If you don’t want this, set the same colour several times. I may find another criterium to set colour, but this was the most obvious by far as very generic :warning:

To refresh data, Trigger the job. This may be necessary after a settings change (I’ve marked those that require it):

Go to: and find this one:

Otherwise this runs every hour.

:warning: if you have 10,000’s of users, this job may run LONG and take up resources. Seems to work ok on a 5,000 account site running on a 2 Core 2GB VPS taking about 30 seconds. The SQL is necessarily BRUTAL :warning:

Interested in the data?

My intention was with this was just to paint a picture.

If you want to see the data, just go to

In any case, in individual cases, you can see much of this data on each users summary page by clicking on a node (Most replied to, Most liked/liked by).


Settings … so … many … settings:

If you have a large site with lots of people on it, you are going to find the diagram very noisy. Consider upping minimum trust level.


  • we’re at V 0.3, it’s pretty early days.


  • Suggest away


The visualisation is based on the awesome d3 library

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Very cool! This isn’t exactly the same thing, but it reminds me of a study I read about a few years back:


Oh nice find, I wonder if it will drive any engagement? … Same presumably might be said of Who's Online Plugin (discourse-whos-online)? :+1:

You know that gives me another idea: you could put “halos” around nodes that were online perhaps leveraging that plugin if available …


Thanks for this, just installed for an educational community where I’m still trying to budge up the participating level. We get lots of signups for event related activities, but it goes too quiet in between.

I set Minimum Trust level to “2” to show the more active users w/o a lot of noise.


It could be helpful to have an option or view of the tabular representation of the data.

My intention with this was just to paint a picture.

if you want to see the data, just go to

In any case, in individual cases, you can see much of this data on each users summary page by clicking on a node (Most replied to, Most liked/liked by).


And it’s painting beautifully. Users of plugin always want more, we can dream. Thanks for the link to the json.

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You might also be able to adapt the SQL in the query relatively easily and run it in the Data Explorer:

My users love it. Hopefully it incites them a bit more :wink:

But one small miss there is: I can’t translate text User Network in hamburger.

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I am sooooo installing this with my next maintenance run.

Thank you @merefield :slight_smile:

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My bad! I’ll add localisation support soon.

No problem, take your time. That is not that big issue.

But now I/we/you have a panic situation. That hamburger links doesn’t show at all in mobiles.