[Complete] [Paid] Migration script from NodeBB (redis) to Discourse

(Orlando Del Aguila) #21

Yeah, for external images I’m not doing anything, but in the case of avatars I’ll save them as Discourse uploads. I’ll double check what other options I have.

Also, I need to fix references to posts inside posts, so these are not broken after the migration.

I’ll post here if I encounter any issue.

(Geran Smith) #22

Nice! This is looking great.

I personally can live without avatar migration. I think of all the things that is simple enough to tell users to re-upload manually, especially since I think the imgur plugin forced all of those to get uploaded there instead of locally. That is likely an edge case for NodeBB users.

(Orlando Del Aguila) #23

I just created a PR for this nodebb redis importer by orlando · Pull Request #5842 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Thanks to Discourse and @tehspaceg for sponsoring this work :heart:

(system) #24

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