Component Tree (categorize components)


The idea is simple but i think might be useful so many people. I really like this kind of solution.

So i have lots of theme components in Components tab and I imagined how good it would be to categorize those components. Just like you can create toggle folders (Custom CSS) and add manually all css modification component in it… :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:


How many do you have, are they all active?

You should only install what you’re using.

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I usually make different component for all custom code. Because if something went wrong is easier to monitoring where is the problem. I made lot of different style house hold ad style. There are official and non official components i usually make them custom codes, custom styles etc… all components active. Now I have ~60 components and it’s grow.

Now I organize these components like this for example adverts I add before the name “Ad”, custom css “CSS” etc… it is fine and it is just an idea not a big deal :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks