Composer menu: on narrow pages, items disappear off the right side including all important OPTIONS item

Actually we use headings a lot, but we are specific community. But aren’t they usefull on wiki posts for an example?

If I would decide what buttons to drop, it’d be ordered list - let’s be serious, you hit enter and input next number, who needs a button for this anyway? And also emoji button seems obsolete to me, starting to type emoticons with : is natural for everyone, and list appearing then is absolutely sufficient.
Hey! I’ve got a crazy idea! What if we were to make a site setting in `Appearance tab, so every community could decide if they need only 3 buttons or 23… If I recall well, there is already a setting to enable Details function in composer (or maybe spoiler?), so it wiuldn’t be a precedent…

Not everybody spends eight hours a day using GitHub. The program that Discourse should be copying is probably GMail, which doesn’t even have :shortcode:.

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I actually almost don’t use GitHub, thank you very much.
by ‘is natural for everyone’ I meant this:
:) :D :P :O :-)
Using a colon to convey emotion in Internet is as old as email.

That’s true, but it doesn’t help you find the name you should be using.

No, but it actually opens the selector in a pop-up :image


That’s the key. You (and I) are too old to remember that emojis started as text. Most newer generation don’t even know that. They just know emojis like part of the alphabet.

Nobody who used mobiles for a while will remember that a colon starts an emoji.

Okay, so you believe that when using anything with a keyboard and writing on Messenger, to put in :slight_smile: people:

  1. stop typing
  2. grab a mouse
  3. click emoji selector button
  4. click on desired emoticon

Instead of just typing : ) ?

Yeah. A lot of people (gasp) don’t even know how to touch-type.


I was under the impression, that we are not speaking of handhelds, as they dont contain any editing toolbar at all.

They do if you click the hamburger menu on mobile…

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Which is so well hidden , that I wasn’t aware of its existence until you’ve mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, are we talking about mobile or about computer layout here?

It is my assumption it was primarily around desktop usage, but thoughts need to be geared towards mobile because it exists there too. The thought being, if it works well on mobile, that design should automatically work well on desktop

That is not really correct. Let’s take this poor hamburger menu. On mobile it’s a necessity, on desktop it’s a disaster. I believe that on mobile emoji button is a must, I’d like to pop it out more even, so that you don’t have to use three hits to insert emoticon, allthough I also think that on any device containing a keyboard it is more obsolete then heading.

On most touch phones, doesn’t the built-in keyboard already have an emoji button built-in?


Uh, nope, violently disagree… mobile keyboards have emoji built in, that’s the weakest case for emoji button.

Hell the latest version of Windows 10 press win+. and you get a native OS emoji picker. :ok_hand:



That’s exactly what I do. Even though I’m a touch typist.