Why so many options in the gear editor menu?

On desktop where there is plenty of room in the main menu bar, why are so many options hidden behind the gear menu option? Weren’t Preformatted text, Bulluted List and Numbered List in the main menu bar previously?


I’m assuming this must be from Meta judging by the screenshot. :slight_smile:

On my laptop (Windows/Firefox) this is my format bar:

Is there something about the device you’re using that may explain the difference?

I’m also seeing the same as @JammyDodger, even when I squish the browser window:


Is this a touchscreen device?


It is a touchscreen laptop, yes. I hope this can be changed back, with another solution found just for iPad / tablets, because the experience on my 13" laptop (not particularly large) is a lot worse off from this change.

I’m having the same issue.

Until/when/if there is a UI to provide more options for the layout of the composer / editor buttons, @awesomerobot provided some CSS examples to rearrange them, and it does work.

Thank you Kris !!!

Kris also suggests that it might be best to add this as a theme component, so it’s separate from your current theme.

How to do that:

  1. go to admin>customize>themes then click new
  2. name it something like “Tiles button order”, select “component” from the dropdown, click create
  3. Then you can click Edit CSS/HTML, copy & paste the CSS above to common > css

Now the component is created and you need to add it to your current theme

  1. go back to the previous page, then switch from the components tab to the themes tab
  2. select your currently active theme (it’ll have a green check mark)
  3. within the theme settings here there’s a Theme Components section, find your new component from the dropdown and then click “add”
  4. :tada: Now when you return to your forum homepage and refresh, it should be active.

From Tiles Image Gallery - #66 by awesomerobot
and Tiles Image Gallery - #68 by awesomerobot

I also see fewer options on my iPhone 8. Not sure if it’s related to this change, but there’s clearly plenty of additional room on the main menu bar.