Composer overflows when open

Screenshot from iPhone 8, upon opening the composer resize a bit and the right side overflows out of the screen. You can see the preview button is completely hidden

It works fine for me on iPhone 8. :thinking:

Made a screen record

What version of iOS do you have installed?

the version is 14.4.2

@Designers any ideas here? Perhaps related to the Chinese locale on the phone?

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The system language is set to EN, just the default keyboard is Chinese, if I set the default keyboard to EN as well, the bug still happen

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Can you confirm this still happens in safe mode?

Yes, it still happens when enable safe mode

I can’t reproduce this. I’m seeing the expected behavior - same as here

I tried it on an iPhone 8 with iOS 13 and an iPhone 11 with iOS 14

I don’t have access to an iPhone 8 on iOS 14, but that’s probably not the cause anyway.

One thing I noticed is that the buttons in the video seem to be missing some styles.

in the video, I saw this


when I tested on iPhone 8, I saw this

Again, same as here

Notice the missing backgrounds.

This might be an issue where some stylesheets are not loading? Maybe due to a network issue, maybe due to something else, I’m not sure.

@th21 does this only happen on Meta, or does it happen on other sites too?
Do you have another phone you can test with?

That will help us narrow this down further.

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This happens fairly regularly to me on another discourse forum I use (where the minimise composer arrow occasionally goes off screen). I’m afraid I don’t know how too repro it though.

I’m using an Honor 9, with Android 9 and Chrome browser.

Edit: Sorry, this may be a different issue. I’ve just had a fiddle, and it’s only the minimise arrow that gets pushed offscreen for me, not the right side of the composer as well.

Mine appears to be when I reply to a topic with a long title. And it only seems to affect the other forum I use, and not meta.

It happens on meta and my own forum build with discourse.

It also happens with iPhone xr 13.6.1, iPhone 6s 12.4.1

I made another screen record and noticed not only composer, the whole page was scaled a bit larger.

I do some investigation and find it may cause by the keyboard. The page itself zooms in when the keyboard shows up.

I think this might be the same issue as this topic below since I also see the UI zooms when clicking on the search button on mobile.

Also, from this answer, seems if we keep maximum-scale=1 and leave out user-scale attr should solve this issue.