Configurable ASCII-style emojis

Counter suggestion: the ASCII-smiley to emoji translations in Discourse’s emoji plugin should be configurable in the admin interface.

So far, I’ve been dragging around a patch file that gets applied on Discourse updates, because I’m my users are accustomed to stuff like ^^ for :smile:, ^^; for :sweat_smile: and T_T for :sob:, and really don’t like some of the default translations, e.g. :D which should be :laughing: instead of the normal smiley…

Circling back to the discussion from [Paid] Need a Vanilla 2 Import tool:

With this in place, the Vanilla2 importer could just install a translation table that matches the emoticons the Vanilla2 emoji plugin defines instead of converting the posts.


How would the admin interface for this look, sounds like something a bit sophisticated for a site setting.

I like it, but you need to nut out details here.

I see this as a customization feature with its own unique UI, but I’m terrible at building mockups.

I’ll try – no promises though. :wink:


Where can I find which translations are included at the moment?
;), ;-) & :wink: all show :wink: etc.

I’m converting a phpBB board that has a mix of classic ASCII and :code: style emoji that I want to translate to the Discourse emoji.

Named emojis are derived from their Unicode names; see /public/images/emoji/emoji_one for a list of all available emojis.

The default ASCII shortcuts are defined here:

That’s also the file you would need to patch locally if you wish to customize your shortcuts… at least for now.