Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads

Dear all,

I set up a new discourse server with Lightsail, using this guide for S3 uploads and backups setting-up-file-and-image-uploads-to-s3

After setup, I got the error shown “The bucket does not allow ACLs” on the screen when I upload an image

Here is my policy for S3:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "VisualEditor0",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [

And here is my setup public access for S3 bucket:

Would someone help me to solve this issue, please?
Thanks so much


Should my staging site use the same S3 bucket as my production site?

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No, that would be very unsafe, and it could delete files that should still exist in the other environment and change files from the other environment (which could cause missing files, wrong files, and so on).

Both the buckets as well as the credentials should be different (and the staging credentials shouldn’t have access to the production bucket, specially regarding write and delete operations).

Maybe there’s a way using paths with different credentials for each path, but the chances of shooting your own foot are high, so I advise to use separate buckets.


DISCOURSE_CDN_URL and DISCOURSE_S3_CDN_URL need to be separate as well?

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I assume so, because if your staging and production domains/urls are different (they are, aren’t they?), then DISCOURSE_CDN_URL (that ends up pointing to the CDN provider, which points to your website domain) is expected to be different for staging and production. The same logic applies to DISCOURSE_S3_CDN_URL (because different buckets should have different urls).


Hey all, I’m pretty new to S3, so I’m not entirely sure how to phrase this, but I’ll try my best. So, I just switched to using S3 for uploads and backups and I have been using Discourse Connect in order to allow for logins on other parts of my site, but now profile images don’t work. I believe this has to do with CORS policies, but I’m not sure where I could configure it. I would ideally want to whitelist it for forum.domain.tld and domain.tld - or a wildcard on all subdomains would work too. Is this something I would set in Discourse, or where exactly? I’m using Vultr object storage if that makes a difference.

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Can versioning be enabled on the files S3 bucket? Is AWS Backup the recommended way to backup S3 buckets for Discourse?

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Using versioning, or syncing to a different region are all good strategies.


I wanted to add one thing for Backblaze, as I just set this up and this might save others some time:

Master application key is not compatible with S3 API. You must create new application key (source).

And I wanted to ask 3 questions, to clarify some things:

  1. Is it normal to have a lot of missing .map files? They all seem to be from brotli_asset folder. They are neither on the server nor object storage.
  2. I’ve seen reports that DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET was deprecated and DISCOURSE_S3_UPLOADS_BUCKET should be used. Which is the correct one?
  3. Is it necessary to add DISCOURSE_ENABLE_S3_UPLOADS: true? I’ve seen this mentioned in other topics.



Yes, that is a know bug in our asset pipeline that will be solved by the ongoing ember-cli migration.

Warning is correct, gotta update the wiki guide here in the OP.

Not mandatory at the moment, because I’m pretty sure it gets overwritten by the USE_S3 ENV, but I would have to dig into the codebase for a definite answer on that.


I’m working on a multisite instance where I tried to restore a database from another instance and when I restored database-only the main page rendered json that said that it was required. But that’s lkely an edge case. I was always confused by the DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET env variable…

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I’m still curious about this if anyone has any insight, also I just had another question come up.

If I were wanting to change the domain of my Discourse installation, how would that impact Object Storage access policies? Would I need to change rules, or would that be taken care of for me by Discourse?

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Have you seen this?

I’ve already signed up for a test, looking forward to testing it.


I don’t know anyone who’s seen it.

I signed up for that test long ago, back in October. It doesn’t seem to be an actual product.

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I got an email about it roughly 2 weeks ago in regards about signing up for the test, it’s the only reason why I learned about it. I don’t follow the cloudflare blog. Hopefully it doesn’t get shoved into the back like the railgun though Argo is just so much better.

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Maybe I missed a memo! Or maybe I got it and just don’t remember. (The most recent email I see with r2 in it says “Thank you for your interest in the Cloudflare R2 Storage early access program. We will be in touch regarding your request.” last November…)

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Fair enough. I just went back to the blog, and also noticed the date for last September. Considering how recent the email asking me to sign up (I did do so), I thought it was a more recent product announcement/offering. I don’t really keep up with cloudflare news, to be honest. Heres to hoping it marteralizes and that it’s actually good, their scope and pitch about the fees could be really enticing.


I signed up as soon as it was announced and I’m on the same boat


I was so excited that I thought I brought something to Meta that people had barely heard about yet xD


There does exist documentation:

It looks very unpleasant to configure.

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