Configure plugin Custom Wizard for autoposting

Hello. I have installed Custom Wizard plugin on my forum. Now I need to create a form template for automatic posting (creation) of business cards with embedded buttons. The user will have to select a category with the appropriate background image to place his business card, select a button design from the options presented, insert a link to geolocation (iframe google maps), add a link to a YouTube video and a text description of his company with the ability to hide text in the spoiler. See video example.
The result should look something like the video :point_down:.

This is a set of buttons for the user to select :point_down:.

When do you need it done? within 3 days

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? Waiting for your suggestions

P.s. I use google translator, if something is not clear in my order, do not hesitate to clarify.

Hey there @Aizada_M.

The best way to understand what’s already possible with the custom wizard plugin check out the pricing page or email

I’ll give you a head start.

It’s possible to select a category in a wizard, but it’s not currently possible to show the category background images at the point of selection.

This is possible.

I’d recommend you use the locations plugin instead which already integrates with the custom wizard plugin. An iframed google map ain’t going to work well.

This is possible, assuming you also have the spolier alert plugin installed.

If you think the custom wizard already supports your use case and you want help setting up a wizard there’s 2 hours of hands-on wizard setup (with me) included in every purchase of a yearly business plan. You can signup here:


Thanks for your reply. I think this problem can be solved by inserting a carousel of category images separately under the drop-down list of categories for the user to select.

As I understand it, this plugin shows the location in the user’s profile, but I need the location to be shown in the published topic.

This plugin is not yet installed in my forum.

I would like to use an annual subscription, but the amount of $550 is not affordable for me right now :disappointed:

I forgot to add. The user must be able to preview before publishing the post

The plugin also shows locations in the topic. Indeed, that’s the primary use case.

It’s open source, so you just need to install it the same way you did the custom wizard plugin.

Also possible with the custom wizard plugin.

Just between you and me :shushing_face: … why don’t you try making the free version of the plugin work for you first. I think you’ll find most of the things you want to do are already possible.

If you find you need more help or features, then consider the cheaper small business subscription which includes 30 minutes of hands-on setup.


It’s a good news :+1:

Yes I need to install these 2 plugins


This option may suit me if you can set it up for me as I described in this post :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I need time to install the above plugins

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