[PAID] Custom “New Topic” button/function to force users to use custom wizard for a new topic

In my forum I want to force users to use a custom wizard to create new topics in specific categories. Hence I would like to adjust the native discourse elements without breaking the the regular UX/UI.

For that I would like to customize the behaviour of the user path when creating a new topic

To achieve that I would like to…

  1. make the “New Topic” into a dropdown box with custom links and the default New Topic button as options
  2. add automatic redirection to custom wizards when users pick an appropriate category in the composer

For: ‘New Topic’ dropdown box

  • use only native UX/UI elements, so that new color variables / dark mode core functionality is supported
  • add, delete and modify dropdown items via plugin settings text fields, so I can define: icon, text, URL

For composer redirect:

  • when a user picks a specific category in the composer, the composer is closed and user is redirected to a specified URL
  • add, delete and modify dropdown items via plugin settings text fields, so I can define: category, redirect URL


500-1000 USD


I’ve partly looked into this use case already and a simple approach was to take advantage of the fact that by using the wizard users can create new topics in categories in which they otherwise are not allowed to. So you could set this up as:

  • disable “Create” on certain categories
  • hide the default “New topic”-button on these categories
  • replace it with a button that you can customize in the settings of a theme component (category, button icon and name, path to wizard)

If that approach would solve your requirements I could wrap it up in a component, keeping costs within your budget.

I could be wrong, but I’d imagine that integrating a drop-down menu on the default button and a redirect for the composer category menu would require considerably more effort.


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