Configure your hosted domain name at the root (

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Most hosted discourse instances are on a subdomain:

This is our general recommendation in almost all cases, and it works great. However, if you wish to use a root domain or apex domain for your hosted discourse, like so

this turns out to be surprisingly difficult in a hosting scenario, due to the vagaries of how DNS works. :thinking:

It is possible, however, you must use a DNS provider that specifically supports it! Here is a list of known-compatible DNS providers, and the name of the DNS type that you should use:

CloudFlare → CNAME Flattening
DNSimple → ALIAS
DNS Made Easy → ANAME

So if your DNS provider is not one of these, you must switch to one of these DNS providers to achieve an apex domain or root domain hosted discourse.

Configure your domain name for hosted Discourse